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Adventure course of the Pas de Soucy in Lozère

The adventure course of the Pas de Soucy is an attractive dry canyon of initiation where you will progress on four abseilings to finish in the famous chaos of the pas de Soucy.

It is an activity which corresponds well to the requests of communities by its simplicity of organization and can be associated at a moment of bathing and jump.

Description Collectivity : Abseiling in Pas de Soucy

You will meet your guide or in the village of La Malène, or directly on site in the carpark of Les Vignes, situated in 15 minutes by car.

From there after a walk about 15 mins through the forest, you will arrive to the canyon where you will be equipped with a harness, and a helmet of mountain. Your guide, diploma of state, will give you then the safety instructions.

The route begins with a first abseil of about fifteen meters which you go down in autonomy. You will manage your speed, your position of body and your grips of feet to preserve your balance during the vertical line. You will be secured of course by a secondary rope managed by the guide.

You will move on then by a second a little more impressive abseil, with a more complex departure of about ten meters. It is of course possible to let the guide manage your descent if you just wish to take advantage of sensations and not to worry you about the manipulation.

Then after passing two others litlles abseils, the canyon opens then on a woody zone. After a few minutes of progress, you will arrive on the river Tarn right in the heart of the chaos of the Pas de Soucy. The panorama is fantastic and the ideal place to picnic.

It is possible to you to associate with the course an activity bathing with, according to the water level, the possibility of making of floating and jumps of rocks. However the particularity of the place makes that it is necessary to inform you with the guide before going into the water.

Localization Collectivity : Abseiling in Pas de Soucy

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