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Caving in Gorges du Tarn in the cave of La Clujade

The cave of "La Clujade", located at 10 minutes of Saint-énimie is considered as the pearl of the Gorges du Tarn. This wide cavity of easy progress concentrates river, big room, corridors and small climbing.

The atmosphere is absolutely magic and the presence of the river brings a playful side to the progress.
Its easy technical level, the absence of approach walk and the progress up almost permanent make it ideal for a first approach of the caving.

Video Speleology : Underground river of la Clujade

Description Speleology : Underground river of la Clujade

The meeting point is at the village of La Malène where your instructor will welcome you.

After a five-minute drive, you arrive at the entrance to the roadside cave near the village of La Malène, in the Gorges du Tarn.

There, your instructor will distribute your personal equipment. A suit of caving, knee pads, a helmet with a light, a pair of gloves and a harness. You only need to bring an old pair of shoes or a pair of boots.

Then after the safety instructions necessary to the activity, you will enter  in the first room where you can gradually get used to the underground atmosphere.

Then follows a portion where you will progress with water up to the knees to reach the "bivouac" area.
You will then use a short handrail to reach the beginning of the river.

At first, the progression is done in opposition over the water, the game being to get wet as little as possible (on return).After the passage of the various arms of the river, you will come out into the gallery called "le metro", incredible natural tunnel which leads to a siphon.

Then after a short climb over the blocks, you will arrive in "the big room", the point of return of your underground excursion.

The return, is generally done quicker either by progress in the river, or in technical opposition.The exit is quickly reached and the sun will warm you up quickly.

The return to the village of La Malène, classified village of the Gorges du Tarn, will allow you to admire the splendid sites that dot these gorges.                           

Localization Speleology : Underground river of la Clujade

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