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Climbing initiation in the gorges du Tarn

The Gorges du Tarn, high European place of climbing, registered on the world heritage of the UNESCO, is considered a real paradise by many climbers.

Sites are many and the varied climbing there. Add to it a generous sun and a closeness of the river, it is a real fantastic place to discover this activity.

Description Collectivity : Climbing initiation

Session of discovery climbing in the Gorges du Tarn

First time climbers will be gradually introduced to varying degrees of height and difficulty as each climbers comfort level allows. This course is designed to be FUN for everyone!

No experience necessary. A general introduction to technique and procedure. Hands on instruction includes:

  • Basic knots,belay and rappel techniques
  • climbing communication
  • safety procedures
  • easy movement on the rock.

Session of advanced climbing in the Gorges du Tarn

The programm of advanced level will allow you to progress in your practice, and mainly learn how to climb as leader.You will first beggin on easy route and step by step increase the difficulty.

  • lead climbing,
  • assessing potential dangers,
  • alternative belay and rappel procedures,
  • sport climbing, and trad multiple-pitch climbing techniques.

Climb many vertical feet at your comfort level, learn self rescue techniques, push your limits and bag the route you’ve been dreaming of, discover new rock climbng areas and avoid crowds, critique your climbing skills.

Sites being situated most of the time in river bank, you can associate with your session of the moments of bathing or end your day climb by relaxing you at the water's edge.

Attention: you will evolve in a sensitive, protected, classified, but very busy environment. Respect it, park correctly, do not urinate at the foot of ways, think of returning your trash cans, do not walk out paths of access.

Localization Collectivity : Climbing initiation

You can use the map below to calculate your route to your place of your activity. Remember to increase the estimated time by Google about 20%, corresponding to the time lost on our small roads.

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