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Canyoning of Tapoul in Cévennes

Located in the village of Les Rousses in Lozere at the gateway to the Cevennes, the Tapoul canyon is considered by many to be the wonder of Aigoual. It is very popular with canyoning enthusiasts and its athletic descent will bring you adrenaline and sensations.

This canyon presents a succession of waterfalls, jumps, toboggans, zip lines, in a clear water. All obstacles can be approached via energetic or gentler routes and all jumps can be avoided.

Reminder: For this activity it is essential to know how to swim and be in good physical condition.

Attention: For your comfort, it is important to let us know your size and weight in order to prepare the most suitable equipment for your body type.

Video Canyoning : Canyoning of Tapoul in Cévennes

Description Canyoning : Canyoning of Tapoul in Cévennes

The meeting point for canyoning will be either in Sainte-Enimie, or in the village of Rousses, located in the heart of the Cevennes National Park where you can combine your activity with the visit to Mount Aiguoual, the highest point of southern Lozere located in about ten kilometers from the canyon.

From Sainte-Enimie it is about an hour by minibus (depending on the available places) during which you will have passed through magnificent landscapes typical of Lozère, you will enter the Cévennes National Park to join the village of Rousses where the canyoning descent of the Tapoul takes place.

In Rousses (see map at the bottom of the page), the meeting point is in the village carpark located just behind the bar "La ruche" where you will be able to recover after the descent of canyon. Cloakrooms and toilets will be available before the equipment phase.

Your guide will then distribute your personal equipment, consisting of a full neoprene wetsuit (including jacket, trousers, and socks), a mountain helmet and a harness. Attention, we do not provide the shoes !!!

In order to shorten the approach walk, a shuttle bus (€ 3.50 per person) will take you up to the starting point of the canyoning down the Tapoul, pearl of the Cevennes National Park.

You will get ready  the water's edge, before your canyoning instructor gives you the safety instructions for going down the canyon.

The canyon begins with an easy walk over boulders before arriving at the first jump. It will be an opportunity to learn the basics of canyon jumping techniques: impulse, precision and cushioning. This canyon has the distinction of being progressive in the height of the jumps and their technical difficulties. However no jumps are required.

A short swim then takes you to a descending handrail, starting a slide along the rock, ending in the water.A second jump of about two meters gives access to a beautiful swimming area that ends in an aquatic handrail.

The canyon then tightens, and after a short progression in the water you arrive at the most technical part of the descent of this canyoning course in the Cevennes.

Two jumps of about three meters precede the entrance to the most technical part of the canyon!
Chaining techniques of ropes (ejectable abseil, aerial handrail) and jumps of sizes of 7 and 10 meters (optional).

Then comes the highlight of the descent of this canyon of the Cevennes, a drop-off zip line of 25 meters with a well-watered finish!

After a short walk, followed by a small toboggan, you will arrive at the passage called "the Lock", a cashing where you can choose between a technical jump or a slide along the rock ...These are the last obstacles before the final basin or you can take advantage of the last swim before the return walk (10 minutes).

Once you arrive at the main road, the shuttle will be waiting for you, to take you back to the car park where you will be able to take the time to recover, before returning the to Sainte-Enimie.

Roadmap : Canyoning of Tapoul in Cévennes

How to get here:

  • From Sainte-énimie - 55 mins drive: ​Take direction Florac (30 mns). A the exit of the village of Florac, take direction Meyrueis (D907). After 20 mins of road, just after passing the  village of " Les Vanels", turn left into a tunnel direction "Rousses" (5 kms).
  • From Meyrueis - 25 mins drive: Take direction Florac. After about 20 mins drive, just before the village of "Les Vanels", turn right into a  tunnel direction "Rousses" ( 5 kms).
  • From Florac - 20 mins drive: ​Take direction Meyrueis (D907). After 20 mins drive, just after passing the  village of  "Les Vanels", turn left into a  tunnel direction "Rousses" (5 kms).

The meeting place is located in the village of "Rousses", in the carpark, just after the bar " La ruche". You will find toilets and a water point. You can also have lunch at the snack restaurant after the activity. It is open daily during the summer saison.

Warning: There is another village  located near Meyrueis which bears the same name.

Necessary equipment : Pair of shoe type trainers.

GPS coordinates: 44.206041, 3.589183

Payment: French cheque or cash, there is no cash dispenser at the venue.

Warning: Please arrive on time, the guide is unable to delay departure for participants who are late.

Localization Canyoning : Canyoning of Tapoul in Cévennes

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