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Caving for groups in the gorges du Tarn

This beautiful initiation cave, located below the village of Castelbouc 10 minutes from Sainte-Énimie, is perfect to discover the underground environment. Its horizontal progression is playful and without difficulty.

You can admire many concretions and evolve in a rich and varied environment. The proximity of a swimming area and its easy access make it an ideal choice for communities.

Description Collectivity : Discovery caving

You will be equipped with a cavingsuit, a pair of kneepads, a helmet and a headlamp specific to caving.
After a short walk through the splendid village of Castelbouc, downstream of an old castle of the 15th century, you will arrive at the entrance of the cave where your guide will give you the safety instructions for the speleology activity.

Access is by easy de-escalation in a vertical chimney that leads into a small room where bats hibernate frequently, followed by an incline to reach a large room called prefect". Large volume where the atmosphere is spacious and reassuring. 

Then after a short climb on an inclined plane, you will cross the passage of "the mailbox": small narrow without difficulty that will lead you to "the room with shells", where you can admire many fossils shellfish, before continuing your progression to an inverted toboggan that you will have to climb.

Then follows a narrower zone or you will progress in "ramping" on about fifteen meters until a small room called "intermediate room", followed by a vertical chimney of two meters opening in a second room of smaller size and a last ramping which opens on a vast volume.

There, the atmosphere changes radically! The spaces are gigantic, the standing position is permanent and the easy walk. You will then walk through a huge block chaos to a magnificent area of ​​concretions where you can contemplate stalagmites, columns, draperies and fistulas. 

The return is done by taking more or less the same route with however some possible variants in parallel hoses and possibly a narrow exit for the more daring. The cave is located at the edge of the Tarn, you can combine the activity with a swim at the beach of Castelbouc.

Localization Collectivity : Discovery caving

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